Gather the Children - The Book

Bartsirai Chigama’s debut poetry collection, “Gather the Children” (2018), is a riveting read especially given Chigama’s linguistic dexterity and energetic deployment of language which can be traced to her history as a spoken word poet.
Tanaka Chidora, Literature Today
The Herald

Batsirai E. Chigama is a mesmeric performer whose generous and powerful poetry has been inspired by a range of influences. In this debut collection, she is at once deeply personal and passionately engaged in the political turmoil of her country.  This selection of poems is about the slipperiness of truth, the weight of forgetting, but despite the pain of displacement Chigama finds heart in coming together, in gathering, in celebration. She does not force conclusions, or cover up contradictions. She trusts language and lets words play. And language rewards this trust.