• Democracy
    I see you like to wave him about
    Like a magic wand

    to make all evil disappear instantly

  • There were things familiar, brisk,

    nonchalant conversations, neon fabrics

    of this place that once was home.

    He used to sit under the bougainvillea

  • For every inch of a child’s bone you broke
    For every young soul bashed on a rock
    For every future that fell by your hand

  • Smoke wraps around you like a halo
    the perfum that tells me I am home
    Hands cracked from years of unselfishly tilling the land
    to bring me this future better than yours


    He comes to me

    says we must bury mother

    I say to him brother

    we buried her eight years ago

    incessantly he knocks on my door

    at midnight