• There were things familiar, brisk,

    nonchalant conversations, neon fabrics

    of this place that once was home.

    He used to sit under the bougainvillea

  • Democracy
    I see you like to wave him about
    Like a magic wand

    to make all evil disappear instantly

  • I held out my hand by the till she said,


    I said NO

    Dentyne she coaxed

    I said same difference

    Stop trying to sell me temporary pleasure

  • My blood is cold beneath my skin

    frozen with shame

    they undressed me

    in front of a thousand strange men

    stripped me of all pride and dignity

  • I love the taste of the first rains on my tongue

    it sits gently like a long forgotten out-of-season fruit

    begging to be savoured, melting down my throat