Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Nigeria
    claim your children
    not the prodigal sons and daughters
    hunting for gold in fields not their own

  • Smoke wraps around you like a halo
    the perfum that tells me I am home
    Hands cracked from years of unselfishly tilling the land
    to bring me this future better than yours

  • How have we arrived to this place
    a fractured people with no value for life
    hating and murdering our own
    to shoot, to lynch, to murder
    the future we fought for...

  • I love the taste of the first rains on my tongue

    it sits gently like a long forgotten out-of-season fruit

    begging to be savoured, melting down my throat

  • In this year anew
    Careful with the questions you ask me
    I beg you brethren,
    children of the universe I bow to
    Do not ask me if I am married