• Young limbs forage for their own

     Strutting guns like toys

     Small feet taming the jungle

     Soldiers going to war

     eat gunpowder for supper


    Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Nigeria
    claim your children
    not the prodigal sons and daughters
    hunting for gold in fields not their own

  • Zvinoita kunge kamwana karikudzidzira kutaura ngano
    Heko kasimuka

    pasina adavira kuti, dzepfunde

  • You are about to become
    Which you were told
    you would NEVER

  • My blood is cold beneath my skin

    frozen with shame

    they undressed me

    in front of a thousand strange men

    stripped me of all pride and dignity

  • I love the taste of the first rains on my tongue

    it sits gently like a long forgotten out-of-season fruit

    begging to be savoured, melting down my throat

  • I held out my hand by the till she said,


    I said NO

    Dentyne she coaxed

    I said same difference

    Stop trying to sell me temporary pleasure

  • I heard that you heard from Thando
    Who heard from Khulumani
    Khulumani heard from his friend Dumi
    Who is a boyfriend to my best friend Sibo

  • Nyamavhuvhu wakundikana
    Wakundikana kuvhuvhuta zvine mutsindo

    Mashizha ezhizha rapera zvaakangosvibira
    kubatirira pamibayamhondoro

  • Democracy
    I see you like to wave him about
    Like a magic wand

    to make all evil disappear instantly


    He comes to me

    says we must bury mother

    I say to him brother

    we buried her eight years ago

    incessantly he knocks on my door

    at midnight

  • Where I come from
    Is the stretch-marked tears
    Refusing to fall off nana’s cheeks
    Because she is cried out
    All her children gone