This New Year

In this year anew
Careful with the questions you ask me
I beg you brethren,
children of the universe I bow to
Do not ask me if I am married
When I will get married
My FB Relationship status has kept the deception
long enough for me to breathe
There is no relationship and they might never be
So please do not ask my friends either, they don’t know

Do not ask me who broke my heart
And ask me to forgive and move on
You don’t know what I’ve been through
So don’t agony-hag on me like you got if figured out
And know the answers to my situation

In this coming year
Do not ask me things like
Where is he
Or why are you glowing like…
No don’t ask such questions
Rather ask me if I am happy
For I’ve known men and women imprisoned
by choice seeking release from the bondage-cuffs
they put around themselves.  Women and men
who weep in their hearts, drowning in hurt
So please, when you see me this year
Do not ask what the tree did to branches it never had
Do not dip me in your pity
Coz man o man, that ain’t pretty

This year just smile back
I will be doing a lot of that too
Allow me to be, do not remind me of my PREDICAMENT
Do not quietly look at me with expectation
because I promise if you have any I’ll disappoint
Another promise I make
This new year I will have a life, so should you.