You won't, I will

I heard that you heard from Thando
Who heard from Khulumani
Khulumani heard from his friend Dumi
Who is a boyfriend to my best friend Sibo
Sibo the one I thought was my rock, my confidante
Now you froth at the corners of your mouth
Telling my story like it’s your own
You won’t let me patch the fragments,
Throwing word-like arsenals, landmines
Digging trenches in the already furrowed bits, my heart
You will not let me patch the fragments back together
You won’t
Let me move on, dream on
You will not forgive
You bury yourself in my misfortune
And forget to live
Whilst I from the dark dungeons duck dragons
Run with this bayonet, knowledge
That hope alone is life
You will let your mouth froth
Forget to live
Whilst I
Pick the fragments bit by bit
And grow wings to escape your smite
Knowing His mercies are knew every morning


By Batsirai E Chigama
©SAVE Training, 12 Nov, 2013