Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust
The Bellagio Center
Batsirai E Chigama
African Women Writers Initiatives Network Building Conference


This week I am in Italy at The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center attending the "African Women Writers Initiatives Netwok Building Conference."

The major aims of the meeting are:

  • Exploring ideas and strategies for new means of survival and sustainability in an environment that might not necessarily be very favourable to women writing and to the arts in general.
  • Exploring the possibility of establishing a strategic network of African Women Writers Initiatives that will work to advance women writing in Africa.
  • Creating a platform for new connections among participating individuals and the organizations that will be represented. 

I have met some amazing women here .  Juliet Kushaba(Uganda), Glaydah Namukasa(Uganda), LillianTindyebwa(Uganda), Ellen Aaku, Nana Darkoa(Ghana), Colleen Higgs(South Africa), Muthoni Garland(Kenya), Maliya Siliyo(Zambia), Hilda Twongyeirwe(Uganda), Rhoda Zulu(Malawi), Wudalat Teshale(Ethiopia), Beatrice Lemwaka(Uganda), Eliesh Lema(Tanzania) and Doreen Baingana are here.  Such beautiful energies coming together.

Today we rest and the in the next three days, deliberations.   I am excited, many thanks to the Culture Fund Artist Mobility Fund for their support.