A Journey Within - Copenhagen

Danish Centre for Culture
Mwaura Timothy
Frank Langmack
Slam Poetry

Often times the journey without takes me to a serious journey within.  Across the skies, waters, across the borders.  I am in Denmark for two    weeks and a half facilitating works with some of the coolest people I am growing to know: Madzitatiguru(Zim), Mwaura Tim(Kenya), Frank Langmack(Denmark).  Missing in action is Sir Black(Ghana) sending blessings and light your way dude.


I am always afraid.  Always.  Never knowing what to expect in places I find myself.  This time it was the fear of talking, of standing in front of people - like I never do it right?  To be able to communicate with my colleagues as well as the students we are working with.  I habour sensitivities and prejudices, a lot of them, would I be able to compromise?


I find I am free here.  The people here mind their own business, leave you to mind your own.


A city underground with trains for thunder, my first assumptions.


People of many nationalities, Zimbabweans even.  From Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Bosnia, South Africa, Somalia and much more.


7Eleven is the Innscor of Denmark, found at every corner.  Coffee shops, candy shops and rain.



So the journey began on the 20th of Copenhagen where we did two workshops then travelled on Wednesday 22 in the morning to Humlebaek for another workshop then another 3 hour journey to Vejle by train.  Thursday after the workshop at Vinding Skole we were back on the train again travelling two and half hours out to Aalborg.

Friday we were to do a workshop at a gymnasium which is an equivalent of high school then fly back to Copenhagen for a peformance at Copenopen.  The support was amazing and I tthought I was could get through this but I was tired and scared.  Sometimes when you travel far, even words become heavy luggage to bear. You leave some in hotel rooms, on the bus, on a train or even a plane seat. I felt I had left a lot of them in different places and trying to summon them from their temporary homes proved tough.  In the end, it worked out good with great conversations and a tall glass of red.


Quotable Quotes from the themes the students worked on:

"Peace is nothing you can touch/nothing you can see/but it is everything" Alexander, Marcus of Humlebaek

"Fear if the four is fear of the future." 9th Grader Amager Faelled Skole

"I am peace." Lirmi, Humlebaek

"When I see colour, I feel colour/please don't make the whole world black and white." Juliet & Anna Humlebaek

Tomorrow we are on the move again...