HIFA'ed out? Already?

I think am getting there, where having too much fun just gets to me and I want to go some place quiet & hide.  I think a lot of people need a holiday after a full HIFA experience, there is so much going on, too much in fact.  I had a beautiful experience though yesterday at the HIVOS Poetry Cafe.   The big dharaz in poetry, the ones I looked up to and still look up to for inspiration, Chiedza Musengezi, amazing woman, crazy if i may add.  The gentleness of her words and the humor in her poetry left me awed.  Memory Chirere, left me no choice but to love some more just being African.  To close the show was Oneness Sankara from England, i need to have the kind of hard drive she has in her head because i think mine just has minimal storage.   Might head there later tonight just to have some of that fun…come drag me out of me hole friends.

And did I tell you my designer Sabina Mutsvati did the costumes for the HIFA opening night?   She went on to do this crazy exhibition yesterday at the First Floor Gallery dubbed “Vasikan Vedu” which i was part of.  Will give you the story in pictures soon.  Sabina Mutsvati, you have unbelievably mad talent.